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  1. The only good thing about Facebook” is… [narrow interest] groups? Maybe someone should tell them about usenet (now Google groups) or reddit? If you want to meet strangers with the same interests but don’t need to see your “friends,” then just use a groups-centric website (business opportunity)?
  2. Listen: Michael Lewis on public distrust and the biases of judges
  3. Read: An example of the “consumer-industrial complex” at work
  4. Read: Is “Historic Preservation” merely for protecting rich whites?
  5. Listen: Chris Blattman on war and where Ukraine may be going
  6. Read: Why don’t Americans understand climate change? Maybe because schools don’t really teach “earth science”?
  7. Listen: This podcast is so deeply interesting, as a reflection on different visions for the future. The “young person” on the panel (Hogan) is one of the smartest I’ve heard…

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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