Weekend reading

  1. Blockchain and crypto will disappoint and succeed like other technologies
  2. Plastic straws provide insight into America’s cultural evolution, from eating out to women’s rights to environmental consciousness to political schism.
  3. Tech companies know more about your credit rating than credit agencies. Now what will they do with the information?
  4. Jean Tirole, a Nobel-prize-winning economist, on how to limit monopolistic abuses by tech companies
  5. Traditional statistics (with confidence intervals, degrees of freedom, etc.) is all wrong. We need to drop the math pretense and use our hunches, as recommended by Bayes.
  6. A short overview of six books discussing GDP and how it goes wrong
  7. This 1978 Q&A with Hannah Arendt is very relevant today: “If the ruling classes permit a small crook to become a great crook, he is not entitled to a privileged position in our view of history.”
  8. Climate change and rising seas expose the new normal of Florida: “We have to start relocating the things we value…”
  9. This 1965 view of abortion gives us as idea of the America that Trump and the Republicans want. (After watching Trump’s inaugural speech, I predicted they’d go after abortion. Make sure you vote in November if you support a woman’s right to choose when to have a baby.)

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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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