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  1. Watch: Environmental racism (or lack of justice) in the US
  2. Read: AI System for Real Time Monitoring of Water Quality
  3. Read: Unilever’s push for more single-use plastics
  4. Read: Hoboken Hasn’t Had a Traffic Death in Four Years. What’s It Doing Right?
  5. Read: Wildlife crossings cut down on roadkill, but they may not help with conservation
  6. Read: Stefanie Kelton (of modern monetary theory fame) has delusional ideas of how interest rates and inflation work (e.g., “higher interest rates will give more income to bond holders who will spend it, spurring inflation”… which is suspect at best, but clearly silly when one considers how higher rates put a massive brake on borrowing/debt). My prediction is that MMT will die quickly as its “birth conditions” (the great moderation) disappear and we discover the purpose of interest rates: putting a price on money.
  7. Watch: Utilities often abuse their monopoly power (regulatory fail)
  8. Listen: The business of porn, a short podcast series
  9. Watch: Misinformation on social media is much worse for non-English speakers… because US social media companies (FB, YT) don’t have enough foreign-language moderators (oh… and what algorithm?!?)
  10. Read: Researchers now estimate that humans cannot “tolerate” (=not die) wetbulb temperatures above 31C (87F @100% humidity), which is much lower than the widely used cited figure of 35C. Some people now experience these temperatures (and feel terrible) but climate chaos will make them more common, in more places. Time for the matrix?

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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