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  1. Read: The Petty Pleasures of Watching Crypto Profiteers Flounder
  2. Read: Dam removals are happening in Europe, but there are many many (useless) dams to go. [Insert “something something circular” comment here, to move old concrete into new construction?]
  3. Watch: John Oliver describes the clusterfuck of water in the Western US — something I’ve warned about for 15+ years.
  4. Watch this amazing collaboration: Dutch Cities are Better for the Environment, which links into (?) The Suburbs Are Bleeding America Dry
  5. Read this paper on “climate insecurity,” which points out that loss of (potential) GDP — the conventional measure of “damage” — does not capture the damage (physical and psychological) from losing secure access to food, water, energy, etc. These insecurities will — as I have said many times — really harm what we consider “quality of life”
  6. Read: San Francisco voters have recalled their “over-woke” local officials for discarding a working system in favor of counterproductive virtue signaling. I hope that the “radical Left” continues to lose power in favor of the center. (The Republicans on the Jan 6 committee are doing that job from the Right.)
  7. Read: Dutch festivals are cutting back on disposable plastic beer cups. Good.
  8. Read: The fish-of-the-day comes from much warmer waters than 100 years ago. Climate chaos will hit our diet in many ways, but this is clearly quantified.
  9. Listen: “Today on Hot Take, Amy and Mary talk with David Wallace-Wells about the lessons we can learn from Covid-19, the parallels between pandemic response and climate response, and how Russia’s war in Ukraine sits at the intersection between the two.”
  10. Think: US gun violence is well known, but consider: There were 45,000 firearm deaths in the most recent year (2020), which is over 120 per day. That’s more than die due to motor vehicles (110/day) but not “poisoning,” i.e., mostly drug overdoses, @ 265/day). Most gun deaths (24k) are suicide, then homicide (19k), with police “legal intervention” coming in at 600 or so (Source CDC). So cops may be violent, but look at their environment! Here’s more, and more recent, data. Why can’t the US “get things under control”? Maybe because of the 1996 “Dickey Amendment,” which banned use of federal funding for research that “may be used to promote gun control.” Well, fuck.

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