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  1. Listen: A “dotcom millionaire” who later wasn’t on the market, and crypto meltdown.
  2. Read: Aridzona’s silly water laws are leaving owners of $600k houses dry.
  3. Read: Time for a post-Roe-Wade vasectomy? (I’m very happy with mine!)
  4. Read: Some researchers claim that large, rich Dutch cities are not “happy,” but they failed to back out the impact (good and bad) of inequality. That’s a fail because the entire point of cities is opportunity (thus inequality), not homogeneity.
  5. Read: E-scooters aren’t green if they are only used a few months.
  6. Read: Americans are losing millions to overseas “scam relationships.” Related: How Wall Street made millions as Main street lost to crypto scams
  7. Read: Stop reading the news to stay sane — and connected to reality. Related: Going offline in Wales to slow down and enjoy life
  8. Read: Rich people’s yachts as the ultimate (and movable) “fuck u, I’m rich”
  9. Read: This interview with Herman Daly, an ecological economist behind “steady-state [no growth] economics” presents his ideas clearly. I agree with all of them, since he’s talking about the right way to do economics.
  10. Read: One reason for higher prices? Abuse of market power by ocean shipping companies


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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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