Interesting stuff

  1. Listen to this funny (on purpose?) guy talk about the pros and cons of 100% honesty. (He’s had a few bad dates…)
  2. Watch this video on why vegetable protein is healthier than animal protein
  3. Read: Watching TV makes dementia worse
  4. Read: Lawns are sterile deserts that guzzle water and chemicals
  5. Listen: Will MacAskill on morality and our future
  6. Listen: A lawyer explains the extreme activism of the US Supreme Court (fuck). Related: Listen to this extremely lucid critique of the “woke gatekeepers” (aka the elites) who are undermining real progress on addressing poverty and inequality.
  7. Read: Amazon’s quest to possess all your data expands. Related: European governments are getting in trouble for using spyware on their citizens
  8. Read: The business of digital face filters
  9. Read: Mosquitoes are really good at finding food (us!)
  10. Read: Interesting! “Pop stars on life after the spotlight moves on

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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