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  1. Read: The number of Americans exposed to extreme heat will rise by a factor of 13 (from 8 to 100 million) in the coming decades. Related: Europe is not ready for heat.
  2. Watch: A really cool visualization of how (productive) city centers subsidize (unproductive) suburbs.
  3. Watch John Oliver on the fraud of carbon offsets (he sets up his own certification company!). I wrote about this issue 13 years ago!
  4. Listen: The best “defense” for technical analysis (of stocks) that I’ve heard
  5. Listen: Should Public Transit Be Free? (Good discussion)
  6. Follow the Money specializes in investigative journalism. In this article, they make the case for supporting journalists trying to uncover corruption, malfeasance, etc., ending with a link to ±10 outlets in Europe that can use support. I sent $50/each to four of them, and I encourage you to also give (or otherwise support) such efforts. There are a lot of bad actors out there (T***p being one of the worst in a “free” country), and citizens need help to defeat them or reduce their harms.
  7. Read: How to buy a sari in Lahore (“hostile territory” for some)
  8. Watch: Episode 3 (of 4) about how US zoning-guidelines screwed up Vancouver’s development
  9. Read: Member States sabotage public scrutiny of EU-funds worth hundreds of billions of euros (=corruption invitation)
  10. Think: Not all energy sources are alike (I fixed the title):

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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