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  1. This video on how suburbs are Ponzi schemes (needing to grow forever to generate revenue) reminds me of Las Vegas’s similar problem (probably still happening) of making money from water connections (new builds) without having the water to serve that growing population.
  2. Watch John Cleese on wokeism, censorship and other threats to comedy and civil discourse
  3. Read: Yes, climates have changed before, but human responses (war, sacrifice, etc.) added to the chaos.
  4. Read: Fast food chains are dropping indoor dining since people eat in their cars.
  5. Listen: How search began (in libraries) and how it’s going (not so well)
  6. Read: Workers are uniting as vigilantes against “shitty” bosses. This is less effective than unionizing and a bit dangerous, but it’s a sign of “breakpoint tension” that may be rising in a “harder-to-get-by” world.
  7. The silver lining of the US Supreme Court invalidating federal pollution regulation that wasn’t even yet a law? (Watch this great vid) Cities and states can make their own regulations. Let the race to the top begin!
  8. Read: The guy still selling floppy disks. Related: Romance self-publishing (aided by Amazon) is undermining “sophisticated” publishers
  9. Read: Johnson & Johnson and a New War on Consumer Protection — a scary example of firms using crooked laws to dodge liability for killing Americans.
  10. Read: Boys should start school a year later, so they can mature and learn

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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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