Interesting stuff

  1. Watch: Europe’s Experiment: Treating Trains Like Planes Low Cost Carriers
  2. Watch this episode from the 130+ episode (!) series about rebuilding a 110-year old wooden boat. It gives a charming overview of an English lad from Bristol who took to boating, then boat building, and made a career. Amazing 🙂
  3. Read: The Cockney criminals retired by fewer thieving opportunities
  4. Read about a 30-year-old’s nostalgia for the “old internet” that stayed at home. Then mobile data spoiled everything. Totally agree.
  5. Read: What goes up also goes down: The UK treasury pays $11 billion to the Central Bank of England as QE turns into QT. No free lunches 😉
  6. Listen to this really “plugged in” guy from America’s Department of Energy talk about innovation
  7. Listen to the surprising return of small-scale, sustainable agriculture, watch how cows own the Netherlands (80% exported as beef and dairy) [in Dutch, use subs], and read how Uruguay does (more) sustainable ranching while pursuing social justice.
  8. Read: The Dutch struggle to manage a “circular donut” with buildings (i.e., no new resources while helping the poor and unburdening the planet)
  9. Listen: Utopia — even one without men — is hard.

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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