Interesting stuff

  1. Watch this guy explain crypto pump and dumps
  2. Listen: Malcolm Gladwell tells how a principled scientist stood up to political bullies (USA 1980s)
  3. Read: Of Course Instant Groceries Don’t Work (like they didn’t last time)
  4. Read: Moneyball-for-Everything Has (destroyed) American Culture. I see this with music, auto-tune and streaming hits (rather than discovering the B-side).
  5. Read: The drug trade has wrecked Amsterdam (legalize it!)
  6. Listen: The Boston Tea Party wasn’t about liberty, but smuggling. (I always say the US was founded by bankrupts; I should have included drug dealers — culture runs deep!)
  7. Listen: The LSAT (admissions test to law schools) doesn’t identify good lawyers
  8. Listen: What happens when a layman takes on the Vatican [on birth control]? 
  9. Study: The USGS just debuted a complete remaking of the water cycle diagram—with humans as headliners
  10. Read two fascinating articles on local digital territories and taking them back from the global bureaucracy/technocracy: “Protocols created for the World Wide Web don’t take into account the possibility of local digital territories, and the possibility that these territories might not exist online today or may not need to in the future. In the past decade, the complete takeover of the Internet by corporate actors has made it obvious that the global network’s original vision of being a democratic space has been co-opted by huge centralizing for-profit platforms.” The magazine publishing these articles uses the decentralized web.

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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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