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  1. This article on income and inequality in The Economist is really well written and insightful.
  2. Listen: Human sperm counts are down by 50 percent since 1970, and half the population is “clinically infertile.” The causes — plastic endochrine disruptors — are not going away, with current policies. (Other species are also losing fertility.)
  3. Read: Elephant poaching falls as income rises. (“shoot-to-kill” policies help)
  4. In 1968 and 1970, the American Petroleum Institute commissioned papers that argued fossil fuels would cause climate change. They’ve known for 55 years.
  5. Read: Artificial sweeteners are in many more products than you’d expect, and they are increasing obesity.
  6. Read (and comment): California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA): too little, too late and too slow?
  7. Listen to the scale in which humans have expanded on the subsidy of fossil (=non renewable, from the past) fuels.
  8. Watch: Espresso has less caffeine than instant, which has less than drip
  9. Watch: Trevor Noah’s analysis of what America needs (his last show)
  10. This is the best version I’ve seen of that old H2O joke:

H/T to JH

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