Interesting stuff

  1. Watch a fact-checked (=not unhinged) debate on legalized cannabis.
  2. People who don’t read books often have character issues (to read, duh)
  3. Listen to this good discussion: The End Of China’s Miracle?
  4. Listen to this nice introduction to “ecological economics” from one of its founders. I especially appreciated Daly’s point on limited resources vs unlimited utility.
  5. Read: My printer is extorting me (another chapter in the “x as a service” nightmare)
  6. Listen to Paul Ehrlich on population, sustainability, etc.
  7. Read: The death of live customer support is the agony of customers
  8. Read: People are leaving New York, so why are the rents rising?
  9. Listen to this 2016 debate over Brexit. The Leave side was deluded.
  10. Read how Vancouver has tried to reduce harm from drugs while facing a rising tide of drug problems. This public health disaster needs serious resources (you know, like the kinda $$ we spend on infertility).

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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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