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  1. Video: The redesign of Pakistan’s rivers created the world’s largest irrigation district — and many problems.
  2. Read: Which matters most: Many bikes or good infrastructure?
  3. Listen: Should academics forsake peer review for public discussions?
  4. Read: Disney is harvesting data from you and your kids.
  5. Read: How counterfeit fabric slips into a complex supply chain
  6. Read: Musk’s destruction of Twitter should push legislators to regulate algorithms. My idea? Make any company with x% market share disclose its algorithm (even if it’s in a black box), so that civili society can find its bias.
  7. Read: Heat pumps are amazing. Have you got one? (I’m waiting for a smaller one for my flat.)
  8. Read: You can now pay social media companies for more prominence, account security and more followers. What could possibly go wrong in a  world already known for fakes, lies, and counterfeits?
  9. Read: “I was struck by how many people said that their present age was their favorite one. A reassuring number of respondents didn’t want to trade their hard-­earned wisdom—or humility, or self-­acceptance, whatever they had accrued along the way—for some earlier moment”
  10. Whelp, that’s peak libertarian!

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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