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  1. Credit card reward programs are a tax on the poor
  2. The humanities need to go back to basics: an empty room, a group, a conversation): “You simply cannot sustain a serious humanism as an integral part of a digitalized culture
  3. Think: The Netherlands had more sunshine in 2022 than in any year since records began (1965) as well as a shortage of rain. The transformation into California continues!
  4. Read: Another study on masks: Not sure if they work for the population, but pretty sure they work on individuals. Thanks for the confusion.
  5. Read: Why we usually can’t tell when a review is fake
  6. Read: Dating apps helped us meet each other, but “revenge bans” (plus’s monopoly power) can isolate you from that scene.
  7. Read: San Francisco is thinking of reparations to Blacks for discrimination (not slavery). Although justice is certainly worthwhile, I think that efforts based on race (a concept lacking objective definition) are inferior compared to those aimed at poverty. I worry that SF’S politicians are pursuing an “eracist” policy of signaling virtue as a means of closing the topic (using citizen’s money) and walking away, guilt free.

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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