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  1. Listen to how the Netherlands fought back against cars, to prioritize bikes — and also save kids’ lives
  2. Read: Flash Pack wants to “to create one million meaningful friendships” by taking Millennials on expensive vacations. Interesting.
  3. Read an interview with a guy who’s been around bitcoin for awhile.
  4. Read how Chicago reporters, 40 years ago, uncovered a mass of corruption in the city’s inspectors by opening a sketchy bar and then waiting for the bribe requests.
  5. Listen: Wanna help poor neighborhoods? Open businesses there.
  6. Read how to wash pesticides from fruit… but you may not need to.
  7. Read: When I grew up, a “racist” was defined as someone who gave a shit about another person’s skin color or ethnicity…. Now, anyone who didn’t give a shit about skin color was a racist.”
  8. Read how Esalen — the psychonaut hippie retreat in California — contributed to the end of the Cold War
  9. Read: Is Silicon Valley a capitalist parasite? (Nope, Marxists are still off the mark.) Should influencers unionise to fight for profits from IG and TT? (They can try, but they have zero market power while entry is free and organising “wannabe’s” from around the world is too tough.)
  10. Start ups are “democratising” real estate investment (“invest from as little as $50!”), which will not be good for potential buyers or renters (more demand ==> prices up).

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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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