Interesting stuff

  1. Read: The US leads the world in weather catastrophes due to “unlucky geography” and bad policies.
  2. Watch how dyslexic brains work badly differently
  3. Read: How should we respond to the crisis of local news? Subsidize access.
  4. Read: What really happens when we send back unwanted clothes?
  5. Listen to a British comedian explain why the real issue is not race but class.
  6. Read how some bloggers took on China’s surveillance-industrial complex.
  7. Watch (and learn) how China’s demographic transition is not going that well.
  8. Read how the presence of mobile phones messes up our concentration.
  9. Read about an initiative to redesign US neighborhoods for people instead of cars. Related: Cities aren’t doomed by remote work. They are, as ever, evolving.
  10. Read: The “tide is going out” with tougher financial conditions, and we’re starting to see “who was swimming naked.” Many frauds, it turns out.

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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