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  1. This guy’s story of walking around the world in seven years echoes my five years of travel — except I got help from trains, busses and an occasional plane 😉
  2. Swearing Is More Important Than You Think. Fuck yeah!
  3. Read: Many public crusaders are private reactionaries, e.g., “help the poor but don’t build housing in my neighborhood”
  4. Read how the EU’s “Covid recovery fund” (its real purpose is sustainability, just as the IRA in the US is not really about inflation) is being used to “stimulate” reforms that are either (a) already done or (b) legally required.
  5. Read: Globalisation now means “hustlers” in rich countries hiring (virtual) personal assistants in poorer countries (e.g., Philippines) to handle their crap.
  6. Watch Lubach [in Dutch] on the agro-businesses that are behind (“astroturfing”) opposition to scaling down The Netherlands’s intensive agriculture. Related: Climate town on how “expiration dates,” which have no legal definition, lead to consumers — and worse, markets — throwing away millions of tons of edible food.
  7. Watch this forester explain plantation vs old-growth forest ecosystems
  8. Learn from The Economist‘s clear definitions of economic jargon
  9. Read about the collapse of public transportation in US cities (hint: land developers).
  10. Cities are experimenting with converting commercial/office space to residential spaces, which requires more than installing kitchens (neighborhoods anyone?). At the same time as remote work empties those buildings, younger workers (and esp. non-white-men) losing the benefits of working alongside their elders.  The “water cooler” does have an important role.

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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