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  1. Read: Skyrocketing [flood insurance] premiums have angered and worried residents across flood-prone states such as Louisiana…”How is that fair, that we’re just going to say that the price of insurance is going to cause you to have to move away?” ¡That’s the fucking point of high prices, amigo! To help you see that it’s important to move AWAY from risk.
  2. Read about the “complications” (=money) of cleaning up oil and gas equipment from the North Sea. Will CCS rescue them? Only on paper. Will government subsidies help? Not really, given they are already 75% of the costs!
  3. Read of the failures as higher ed faces GPT
  4. Melatonin is not “harmless.” Read how kids are overdosing on gummies filled with [zero to too much] melatonin.
  5. Online sellers are ending free returns as costs skyrocket and (physical) competition wanes. Will paid returns lead to lower sales? More accurate product descriptions? Read this.
  6. Read: Brussels (!) is moving away from cars to favor more bikes!
  7. Read: A tech-optimist turns pessimist: The Mindset (“the way Silicon Valley technocrats think”) is about a strategy of acceleration without a destination…these solutions usually involve finding new resources, exploiting them, selling them, and then disposing of them so more can be mined, manufactured, and sold.
  8. Watch and weep: Home owners associations can get out of hand.
  9. Read: (Internet) rankings are getting out of control, they are gamed, and some people take them too seriously. Time to return to word-of-mouth?
  10. Think: Is your health worse because you’re eating (ultra) processed food?

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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