Interesting stuff

  1. Read a more balanced (than usual) discussion of Chile and the Chicago Boys
  2. Read: Community moderators are gaming NextDoor (in the US) for partisan advantage.
  3. Read: The Dark Ages weren’t “dark” outside of Europe
  4. Read: California’s oil and gas infrastructure will cost a fortune to clean up. Industry won’t pay — taxpayers will.
  5. Think: The Dutch government is capping rents to “make apartments affordable.” Supply is collapsing (=rents up). Economics 1, politicians 0.
  6. Listen to a discussion of counterfeiting commodities (the fraud surfaces when the party’s over). Related: Crypto scammers are pivoting to “AI.”
  7. Read: Three big manufacturers pay $billions to settle lawsuits related to “forever” chemicals (PFAS and the like). This trend may get as big as asbestos.
  8. Listen to this discussion of the history of atheism, its radical proponents and its social impacts and controversies.
  9. Is America going into its third big crisis due to rising inequality and disappointing “opportunity”? The first preceded the Civil War. This one may play out on couches and angry tweets, but I wouldn’t bet against more gun violence.
  10. Think: “So how strange––how obscene, in fact––that America’s professional class largely reacted to Floyd’s murder not by lavishing so much of the resources spent in his name on helping poor people, or the formerly (or currently) incarcerated, or people with addictions, or the descendants of slaves and sharecroppers, or children of single mothers, or graduates of underfunded high schools, but rather by hiring DEI [Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion] consultants to gather employees together for [useless] trainings...”

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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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