Interesting stuff

  1. Listen to a discussion of how kids can learn way faster when they pace themselves.
  2. Want to end the retirement problem in the US? Lift the $160k cap on SS contributions, so the rich pay more. Read on.
  3. Re-insurers are not just raising their rates by 20-30% per year; they are exiting California and Florida as higher risks of larger losses run into political barriers to pricing those risks. #GetReal
  4. Read how NYC allowed developers to make $millions on extra building in exchange for a promise — now broken — to provide to the public commons.
  5. Vermont was “safe from climate change” — until it flooded. Protip: Nowhere is safe.
  6. Think. In 2003, people worried that PowerPoint would make us dumb. Were they right or wrong? (Me, I think they were right.)
  7. Read: Heat is killing people, but it’s killing poor workers in particular
  8. One reason people obsess over trivial nothing? Too much comfort and too little work. Read on.
  9. Read: Americans need to stop boycotting and start striking
  10. Listen to Malcom Gladwell point out that “cop stories” have given the public the wrong idea of how good (0r bad) cops are.

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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

One thought on “Interesting stuff”

  1. David:

    Social Security is such a simple fix. The solution? Raise the withholding one-tenth of 1% for companies and people each, So as to equate to 1% for each party at the end of 10 years. SS would be self sustaining for 75 years more. It was so simple, that even Social Security agreed with Dale Coberly and Bruce Webb at Angry Bear Blog. Both Bruce and Dale wrote to Social Security.

    The thought of doing this was to keep it as Labor’s plan so no one could deny it of them, Even today, politicians are afraid to touch the third rail of Social Security.

    As Dean Baker (who agreed with us on the former) said one issue with SS is a larger percentage of income in now exempt from SS too. In that sense and if you wanted a safety net, this could be it also.

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