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  1. Watch this critique of “dumb excuses” (e.g., the US is big) for badly designed cities. (Cities are for people, not cars, which should stay outside cities.)
  2. Dictators are a lot less effective than people hope. Read more.
  3. Read: Stanford’s president resigned due to “unprofessional research” (making things up), and he’s not the only one.
  4. Read how rising temperatures combine with inflation and food insecurity (India has banned the export of commodity rice; Russia is again blocking Ukrainian grain exports) to foment conflict and violence — just as I discussed in my article on post-water political economy.
  5. Read: Goodreads reviews are spoiled by non-readers in partisan fights.
  6. Read: Academics say that Facebook cannot be blamed for echo-chamber polarization… Since they could not monitor other influences, I think they are missing the big picture on polarization: Tribalistic othering.
  7. Read: Credit rating firms are adding climate chaos risk into the $133 Trillion debt market.
  8. Listen to David McWilliams describe his childhood friendship with Sinead O’Conner: “She was an activist, not an artist.”
  9. Read: Antartica’s sea ice is leaving faster than ever, but the journalist is surprised? WTF?
  10. Think: UNESCO plans to add Venice to its “UNESCO sites under threat” list, which is growing as climate chaos develops.

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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