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  1. Fuck: Mid-winter temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius in South America leave climatologists in disbelief
  2. Read: What do you get when you combine AI-text with Amazon’s terrible “third parties” platform and fake reviews: A slew of rip-off travel guides.
  3. Read: Public pension funds have around 13% of their state employees’ money in “private equity” (PE, aka, leveraged buy outs), which is adding — not removing — risk from returns. (They are desperate for returns, since they do not want to lower pay outs or raise contributions.) The next  (predictable) financial crisis is getting started! Related: Why is PE popular? Dodgy accounting that lets pension managers pretend they are hedging. Listen to this discussion.
  4. Listen: US unions are fighting for a bigger piece of (record) corporate profits. Good.
  5. Think: “An individual from the top 10% of the global income distribution earns €87,200 (USD122,100) per year, whereas an individual from the poorest half of the global income distribution makes €2,800 (USD3,920) per year.”
  6. Listen: Many recent university grads in China cannot find “appropriate” jobs. Watch this space, as joblessness among the educated is a leading driver of revolution.
  7. Read: Another post-water update: “Heat, War and Trade Protections Raise Uncertainty for Food Prices
  8. Americans need to stop whining and deal with struggle. Read on.
  9. Read Why the Populist Right Hates Universities (critical, alternative perspectives)

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