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  1. Read The Case for Letting Malibu Burn (originally from 1995)
  2. Think: Local journalism has collapsed over the past 20 years. It should be brought back — via subsidies — due to the massive savings from journalists uncovering corruption.
  3. Read: Robotaxis are cool, but they will not make city streets better for pedestrians… because “convenience” will lead to more use.
  4. Read: Get rid of trigger warnings if you want to reduce anxiety.
  5. Social media is contributing to teen violence, as youngsters taunt each other online… and shoot each other on the streets.
  6. The bridge between a product design on a computer and the process of automating manufacturing of the product has been made. Factories with far fewer humans are next.
  7. Think: TikTok will give users the option to turn off personalized recommendations in the EU soon. Most won’t switch off “their” addiction.
  8. Listen: Countries differ in economic complexity (not GDP), and that’s the real measure of “development.”
  9. Change: Aristotle’s ten rules for the good life:
    1. Name your fears and face them.
    2. Know your appetites and control them.
    3. Be neither a cheapskate nor a spendthrift.
    4. Give as generously as you can.
    5. Focus more on the transcendent; disregard the trivial.
    6. True strength is a controlled temper.
    7. Never lie, especially to yourself.
    8. Stop struggling for your fair share.
    9. Forgive others, and forbear their weaknesses.
    10. Define your morality; live up to it, even in private.

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