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  1. Read: “At worst, recycling bots could give companies an opportunity to greenwash their reputation. Advances in AI could allow brands to claim their materials are theoretically recyclable, when in practice they aren’t—and when what’s really needed is more money in the system.” Me: Recycling costs money, especially when firms have no incentive to reduce their packaging or make it easier to recycle it.
  2. Think: Some species are changing their behavior (e.g., resting in shade) in response to CC-induced heat, which means they are not evolving. When they run out of shade, there will not be enough time to evolve, so they will go extinct. The same is true for humans: Turn off the A/C and we die of heat stress.
  3. Read: China’s “global” infrastructure investment bank is beholden to the CCP, not development experts. Just another example of China parroting Western institutions (and purposeful neutrality) in favor of party control.
  4. Read: So the UK is poorer than Mississippi and — what’s worse — moving the wrong direction. How the tables turn…
  5. People who say “do your own research” are the least likely to do theirs. Listen in.
  6. Read why “you’re not going to make it” as a lone prepper. Invest in your community, for the least painful road to death.
  7. Watch How The Tokyo Metro Is Deep Cleaned (every metro, tram and rail service in the world should be this good!)
  8. Psych! “Whatever society’s priorities are, whether it’s friendship or romantic love or pride in self-accomplishment, marketers will try to attach products to those feelings. The push to remind women that they can buy diamonds on their own, for themselves or for other women in their life, is just the latest strategy from an industry that has long tried to convince the public that its product is more valuable than it really is. So buy your friend a diamond if you want. But the friendship is the rare and beautiful thing, not the diamond.”
  9. Think (ecosystem collapse): “The sudden demise of Indian vultures killed thousands of people
  10. Read: All those “feedback requests” are really just data panhandling.

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