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  1. I dearly hope that the Spanish football association stops with the chauvinism (=the male director kissing sexually assaulting a female player at the women’s World Cup awards ceremony). Listen in.
  2. Listen/read (and think) about “Covid revisionism” (Yes, it was worse than you remember.)
  3. Read: US states are preventing insurers from pricing climate risk, so they are leaving those states. Good for reality, bad for people underestimating their risks.
  4. Watch: Is your data worth anything? Maybe not, but it’s being harvested. Should we make everyone’s data public? Is there a role for privacy?
  5. Read: America Is Using Up Its Groundwater Like There’s No Tomorrow. My thoughts: (a) This is a long-running trend (50+ years), (b) it’s nice that the NYT did the work that the government failed to do (!), and (c) cut off the farmers before we lose the cities.
  6. Listen: Key Lessons From The “Chicago Boys” Chile Experiment (best discussion I’ve ever heard). Also really good is this article on the 1973 coup.
  7. Watch this for some tips on writing, especially “inspiration”
  8. Watch and chin up: “You will never do anything remarkable… except live”
  9. Read: YouTube appears to have altered its algorithm, to stop the “radical rabbit hole” issue. Now people need to stop searching for ways to “destroy their enemies”
  10. Read: Burning Man’s community is getting torn apart by the anti-billionaire techlash, sustainability protests, “unhelpful weather,” and attendees who decide to run instead of practice “radical self-reliance and inclusion.”

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