Weekend reading

  1. A podcast on rethinking economics (something I’ve been doing for awhile)
  2. The institutions of a liberal society depend on trust, which is  under assault. [This is one of the best essays I read in 2018.] Related: The Republican party is using authoritarian methods in a power grab.
  3. Facebook isn’t just showing you ads. It’s selling your data to companies and showing that revenue as “advertising”. Here’s an example:
  4. Humans have some terrible tendencies: lie, betray and more
  5. OTOH: Here’s the paper describing the “general purpose” AI that learned (from zero) how to beat the best chess computer in 4 hours.
  6. Are we getting sick because we’re killing the helpful bacteria in our gut?
  7. Bill McKibbon on how badly we’re screwing up the planet. Sad.
  8. China is buying up media and journalists world-wide to promote “its good side” in yet another step into an illiberal world where power decides truth. 🙁
  9. A really nice history of the synthetic drugs that are messing up so many people

H/T to CD

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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