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  1. Read: The Great [climate chaos] Disruption Has Begun
  2. Read: Libya’s floods (and 10,000+ deaths) are the result of bad governance — and those “bad results” are going to multiply as climate chaos strains infrastructure designed before the Anthropocene.
  3. Read: Americans — mostly Rs — are abandoning the Constitution.
  4. Listen: Perfectionism (against yourself, due to social pressure or against others) is ruining our lives…
  5. Read Scream, Crash, Boom (2005), which seems a reasonable series for humanity to go through. Scream has been happening since the 1940s, Crash is now strengthening and will last for 200+ years. Boom is started in some places (lithium mining), but it’s going to be buried until Crash hits bottom (90% depopulation?). Life may be good… for the survivors.
  6. Read: American’s driving their kids to school is bad in so many ways. Related: Roads (and the cars on them) are an ecological disaster.
  7. Listen: We need to switch to metrics for safety and convenience.
  8. Read: We need more two-parent households. That means jobs for men and rights for women.
  9. Read: Separate but NOT equal: US states underfunded Black colleges (vs White colleges) by $billions.

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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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