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  1. Progress: Amsterdam is raising parking prices, slowly [in Dutch]. Hopefully they hit the 10x targets we suggest 🙂
  2. Watch: Mike Tyson is a nice(r) guy on cannabis: Meet Tyson 2.0
  3. Read how the Washington Post dealt with Trump and why its slogan is now “Democracy dies in darkness.”
  4. Read: A chemical company lied about its PFAS discharges into Dutch waters.
  5. Listen and learn about academic fraud
  6. Listen to this discussion about de-growth
  7. Listen: One reason that so many Blacks are guilty of murder in the US? Emergency services do not prioritize their (often Black) victims, who die, thereby changing “assault” to “murder.” (Discrimination everywhere, all at once?)
  8. Watch: Americans drive BIG (deadly, polluting, etc.) CARS because of government policy.
  9. Listen: Two CEOs are better than one… if only because they can talk over tough (or crazy) decisions. Musk needs a co-CEO.
  10. Read: NYC floods, again, due to extraordinary rain climate chaos. This is what we mean by non-stationarity.

H/T to CD

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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