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  1. Amazon’s greedy embrace of third party sellers (often fraudsters) exposes “clients” to shady, unreliable sellers. Back to bricks and mortar?
  2. Thames Water is nearly bankrupt. One reason may be the £7 billion increase in debt and £2.8 billion in paid dividends during the 11 years it was owned by Macquarie. Yes, it seems that Thames invested £1 billion per year during that period, but that spending (a) has not fixed its chronic infrastructure issues and (b) contributed to the financial problems stemming from excess debt and dividends.
  3. Listen: The FTX trial is inspiring journalism/interviews that give interesting insights, i.e., into jury selection and bankruptcy management.
  4. Read: California messes up math education while chasing fantasies of equality.
  5. Read: Heard of all those “blue zones” where people live extra-long? They are probably “blue” because of missing data.
  6. Think: Humans are headed, on current form, to +3.3C by 2100. Use this simulator to see how far (or not) we can go with reductions in emissions/deforestation.
  7. Read: The Economist says “carbon prices are taking over the world.” I find that conclusion far more optimistic than all the games over credits, offsets and adjustments would suggest.
  8. Read: a MacArthur “genius” award for the anthropologist who studied how the poor of Cochabamba help each other with water insecurity.
  9. Read: Nothing Defines America’s Social Divide Like a College Education, for example: H/T to DL

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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