Interesting stuff

  1. Listen: “What’s up with Jordan Peterson?
  2. Read: “Black prosperity has provoked white resentment that can make life exhausting for people of color—and it has led to the undoing of policies that have nurtured Black advancement.
  3. Read: The global backlash against climate policies has begun… because people don’t want to pay more for sustainability.
  4. Read: Poor Asian countries are getting poor before they are getting rich.
  5. Read: Insurers are fleeing high risk areas in the US. Will homeowners get the message? (Interesting twist: They will insure oil and gas facilities at risk… because they are allowed to charge for the risk.)
  6. Read: Gas has been piped to British homes for 50 years. Switching it off will be a headache
  7. Read: The Restaurant Revolution Has Begun — by raising prices to profitable levels.
  8. Listen: Multi-level marketing, Goop’s “jade vagina egg,” and other fraudulent health ponzi schemes.
  9. Read: Don’t believe your lying eyes: Companies are giving people easy access to AI-driven photoshop.
  10. Read: Spanish villages are running out of water as farmers continue to overconsume what’s left.

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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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