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  1. Read: Hurricane Oris went from category 1 to 5 in less than 24 hours. Such “explosive” storms will wreck our civilization.
  2. Listen to this (slightly over-enthusiastic but hopeful) report on how the Dutch (better) deal with dementia.
  3. Listen to this interesting dive (part one and part two) into Jordan Peterson’s background, his many inconsistencies, and his hold on the young male mind.
  4. Read how you should get an e-bike before you get an e-car, not just to save money (and the planet), but to be happier.
  5. Think: “In a healthy society, everybody is recognized to some degree. But in an unhealthy society, like the America of today, recognition is doled out to the few—the rich, the good-looking, the athletic, the successful.”
  6. Breathe… by avoiding sociopaths like these: The traits to look for are self-importance, a sense of entitlement, vanity, a victim mentality, a tendency to bend the truth or even openly lie, manipulativeness, grandiosity, a lack of remorse, and an absence of empathy.
  7. Read this excellent analysis of how the US needs more than small scale (a NIMBY favorite) to transition away from fossil fuels.
  8. Read: Governments promises that voters can eat their cake (cheap goods and services) and have it (lower taxes) are really promises for shortages.
  9. Read: America’s disaster infrastructure (think FEMA) is too underfunded and understaffed to help people. Just another of the 1000-cuts that will kill us.
  10. Read: I try to avoid the mess of Israeli-Palestinian politics, but this article (“The Decolonization Narrative Is Dangerous and False”) does a good job explaining why the “radical left” supports terror over rule of law. For example: This leftist analysis, with its hierarchy of oppressed identities—and intimidating jargon, a clue to its lack of factual rigor—has in many parts of the academy and media replaced traditional universalist leftist values, including internationalist standards of decency and respect for human life and the safety of innocent civilians. When this clumsy analysis collides with the realities of the Middle East, it loses all touch with historical facts. (I’m also reading Ghosts of Empire (2011), which explains how the Soviets connected imperialism to democracies: Iraqis, unequivocally decrying the connection between Israel and ‘the imperialist’ West, spoke of the ‘magnanimous political support extended by the Soviet Union to the Arab countries during the imperialist-Zionist aggression last June’. Sayid Adib al-Jadr, the chairman of the INOC Board of Administration.

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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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