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  1. WTF? This op/ed calls out Marc Andreessen’s “tech-optimism manifesto” as deluded and unbalanced (my summary), and it is — most obviously by failing to understand non-market goods (the commons). What a mess.
  2. Read how “private equity” (financial engineers) drained money out of hospitals (like a vampire squid) and destroyed their function. Related: PE is privatizing so many firms that the public (and politicians) cannot understand what firms (or markets) are doing — exacerbating the knowledge problem.
  3. Listen to this insightful discussion of “generations” (as a concept) and the real impact of boomers.
  4. Read: Water bodies are getting saltier as the salt we mine washes into those bodies. The #1 source in the US? Road salt.
  5. Finally: Realtors found liable for $1.8 billion in damages in conspiracy to keep commissions high.
  6. Read: Kids did better in school when mobile phones were banned.
  7. Listen: How to overcome our natural tendency to overconsume (food, stuff, attention, etc.)
  8. This won’t go well: China’s male leaders say that Chinese women need to stay at home, “to rear the young and care for the old… [to contribute to] China’s modernization.”
  9. Read: Remember carpal-tunnel syndrome? Seems it had a lot more to do with workers’ rights and white-collar angst than some sudden human frailty.
  10. Freak out: Dihydrogen Monoxide is dangerous!

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