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  1. Just before SBF was convicted on all charges (yay!), I wrote commented on an NYT article: This trial will get a lot of attention, either way. If he’s found innocent, then grifters everywhere will rejoice and Americans will lose huge multiples of SBF-theft. If he’s found guilty, then founders will pay more attention to accounting, risk and liability. Which future do you want?
    I prefer the future we got.
  2. Climate chaos I: The Panama canal loses half its capacity due to drought.
  3. Climate chaos II: We are not paying attention to the “small” crises that make up 99.7 percent of all CC-related disruptions.
  4. Climate chaos III: We need to move from fossil fuels to renewables, but Wall Street is not interested.
  5. Read: Widespread facial recognition in public areas ends privacy.
  6. Read: The right to free speech trumps the right to comfort
  7. Watch this guy describe how he smuggled ecstasy into the US
  8. Plan: The Dutch now project sea level rise of +1-2m by 2100 and +3-5m (!). Time to read Life Plus 2m?
  9. Read: The Sphere in Vegas feeds our need to film everything (too much)
  10. Read: For some Black people, the use of “Sir” and “Madam” is a way of restoring dignity.

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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