Recommended reading

  1. Real estate scams mess up the market in Russia
  2. Vegan junk food may save the Earth by delivering flavor without righteousness
  3. Fraud and ruthless competition at
  4. A dentist takes on Big Sugar by exposing their own damning research
  5. China’s white-elephant dam thrice screws over Ecuadorian citizens
  6. America is allowing Greek levels of tax cheating (“only suckers pay tax”)
  7. A fascinating investigation on the world’s NOT oldest woman
  8. A debate on the role of government in innovation (I agree with her, but yes, it’s hard to get government — a monopoly — to perform)
  9. The French battle over notions of place, community
  10. This article from 8 months ago details how peer-to-peer lenders lost investors’ money by failing to monitor borrowers. Here’s my explanation as to the perverse incentives.

Course announcement: “Fundamentals of Water Utility Regulation” will take place in March in Budapest. The registration fee is €1000-plus. (I taught there a few years ago but will not be this year.)

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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

One thought on “Recommended reading”

  1. On Amazon’s story: Just watched Tim Wu, Law Prof. At Columbia interview on PBS newshound last evening on his most recent book. He talks about the increasing monopoly and anti-trust similarities of Big Tech Companies aka the FANG in stock market, in the gilded age. FB has acquired its own biggest competitors whatsapp and instagram, essentially wiping out any competition and bypassing the anti-trust Law somehow. It goes the same for Amazon bullying it’s marketplace vendors too. Reminds me of the IE’s case of MS in the 90s and most recent controversy of Apple for it’s App Store’s inventive…It’s very easy to just not think about all these issues, however for an average consumer these stories should be a deal breaker (which they aren’t sadly)…

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