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  1. Read how “environmental protections” are blocking efforts to improve the environment (e.g., installing wind turbines)
  2. YouTube provides essential infrastructure, but it’s not regulated that way, so we have (a) no idea what’s posted and (b) how it’s disseminated. Time for a change?
  3. This engineering professor worries that grade inflation will kill people (I agree). Now Dutch medical schools will put more weight on a lottery and less weight on skill-based indicators. People will die.
  4. Ever run into Exitus acta probat? Maybe not while reading Ovid’s writing in  Latin, but maybe in translation as “the ends justify the means”?
  5. Think how higher education is broken… because tenured professors can always say no.
  6. Read: Does Silicon Valley threaten our societies with its “techno-authoritarianism”?
  7. Males in Gen-Z are more conservative; females more liberal. Listen to some of the social and political implications. (Good time to remind boys that trade schools are not just better for their temperaments… but also a source of greater earnings.)
  8. Listen to this first episode on Richard Feynman, one of the 20th century’s greatest physicists and public intellectuals.
  9. People (in the US, but also elsewhere) are too busy complaining about their “rights” (on the left and right politically) to get along. The consequences are not good:

    If you have no hope of success because you are a victim of injustice, how can you possibly be motivated to do anything? How can you have a sense of agency? A discourse that was intended partly to empower people who suffer from structural disadvantages, by revealing the underlying forces that produced their circumstances, may end up doing the exact opposite: It enshrouds people in their own victimhood, and in the feeling that they have no control over their life…

    In a culture where negativity is aligned with righteousness, anything good can be seen as a mark of ill-gotten privilege. And if by chance one does experience pleasure, don’t be so insensitive as to admit it in public, because that will reveal you are not allying properly with the oppressed.

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