Alexei Navalny, RIP

A hero under all circumstances.

We do not have many civic heroes these days — the people who fight with words rather than weapons to preserve domestic quality of life.

Three of my heroes, Clair Patterson, Jane Jacobs, and Rachel Carson, were civic heroes — they sacrificed a lot to help us all.

Another was Alexei Navalny, who was willing to die to help his fellow Russians.

Last week, Putin murdered him.

Putin didn’t murder him directly — just as MBS didn’t murder Jamal Khashoggi with his own hands — but Putin was 100 percent responsible.

I don’t think I was ever a fan of Putin, but he’s certainly turned from bad to worse since I began criticising him in 2005, but this 2009 post is better. I am not sure I would have been so brave if I was living in Russia. Navalny was beyond brave — not just criticising Putin to his face over the years, but returning to Russia to do so after Putin’s thugs failed to kill him with poison in 2o21. Navalny said: “I am not afraid of Vladimir the Poisoner of Underpants.”

That’s a hero, hands down.

I recommend these articles (“Why Russia Killed Navalny” and “The reckless heroism of Alexei Navalny“) to learn more about a leader the Russians needed but may not have deserved.

I look forward even more to Putin’s fall from power.

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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

One thought on “Alexei Navalny, RIP”

  1. I agree. Navalny was true hero. I hope someone comes up with a wearable symbol of his heroism.

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