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  1. Read: Yet another example of American confusion over whether housing prices should be rising or falling. (It’s the same in other countries, sadly.)
  2. Read: The urban doom loop (the dynamic that I said was hitting San Francisco 10 months ago) isn’t really happening?
  3. Read the case for “moving to Detroit” to avoid climate chaos. (I brought this up years ago.)
  4. Listen to this comparison of “Catholic” vs “Protestant”  bureaucracies.
  5. Listen: What Does “Unbiased” Mean in the Digital World?
  6. Watch and learn how to use UV to kill airborne bacteria.
  7. Read: Sure, AIs are really good at translating, but there’s more to a language (culture, ways of thinking, inclusion) than just reading the menu.
  8. Listen and understand how concentrated corporate power raises American food prices while harming workers, taxpayers and the environment.
  9. Daniel Kahneman — author of Thinking Fast and Slow — has died. His example of intellectual humility deserves more emulation.
  10. Watch this interview with Dr. Nutt on how the UK’s drug policy fails. Alcohol, for example, is far more dangerous:

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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