Interesting stuff

  1. Read about Franz Fanon’s difficult relationship with violence, which is relevant in the face of so many people claiming he justifies “anti-colonial”  murder (cf., Gaza).
  2. More from Graham:
  3. Vote: I like “limitarianism” — putting an upper limit on wealth
  4. Listen to this fascinating (and smart) discussion of AI and life itself
  5. Read: The US government improved completely cocked up financial aid to college students.
  6. Read: “EU pumps four times more money into farming animals than growing plants.”
  7. Read the breakdown of costs for a (new) house in the US.
  8. Cry: Realpolitik is giving way to Feelpolitik – where doing stuff is replaced by just saying the stuff you would like to have done
  9. Read: Birth control for men, who won’t tolerate inconvenience like women will (costs/benefits), may lead to improvements for women’s birth control.

H/T to CD

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