Interesting stuff

  1. Watch: Wow, food delivery apps are way worse than I expected (John Oliver)
  2. Listen to this excellent discussion of global geo-politics (Fareed Zakaria)
  3. Read: Mergers and acquisitions [in the US] have created food oligopolies that are inefficient, barely regulated, unfair, and even dangerous.
  4. Read: Climate chaos is making parts of Africa uninhabitable. Where will people go?
  5. Read: Households, rather than choose more leisure as their productivity increases, still work an average of 67 hours/week. Keynes didn’t understand middle class aspirations.
  6. Listen to this discussion of NIMBYism and housing prices, i.e., the boomers winning at millennials’ expense.
  7. Watch: How the US fails to teach financial literacy.
  8. Read: Your “smart” TV is not your property — it belongs to advertisers
  9. Read: For years, I was told to worry about spreading sewage sludge on land… and now we see the danger: PFAS in drinking water that causes many terrible diseases.

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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