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  1. Listen to Ralph Nader (90 years old!) talk sense on capitalism.
  2. Read: Climate chaos will cost home owners at least $25 TRILLION in the near future. Most of them want governments taxpayers to bail them out, but there’s only so much money to go around!
  3. Read: AIs are going to make English even more dominant as the world’s lingua franca.
  4. Read: Before Facebook, there was BlackPlanet — and it’s coming back!
  5. Panic? Tipping points: About 11,500 years ago, during the Younger Dryas era, temperatures in Greenland leapt 10 degrees Celsius in a decade, with the rest of the world seeing a matching jump to a new state in a matter of decades, not centuries. Sea levels rose rapidly by tens of meters, driven by Greenland ice melt and other ice loss in the Arctic and Antarctic.
  6. Listen to this fascinating discussion of the impact of AI on the electrical grid, where operators are “surprised”. Note that they would NOT have been if, say, a carbon tax was in place, as that would have given a CLEAR indication of the need to shift from fossil to renewable energy as well as increase grid capacity to serve new electrical demand, which has shifted from +2% in ten years to +200%!
  7. Read: Here are some reasons to tax the income and wealth of the rich, but they do not get too deep into tax evasion/avoidance, which calls for property taxes!
  8. Read: Political pundits, who tend to lean left and rich, don’t understand the impact of inflation on their poorer neighbors.
  9. Read: Thames Water (London) may go bankrupt if it cannot get investors to contribute equity. The regulator will not let it raise prices by 40% to repair its aging network, mostly for fear (justified) that bankers will take the money and forget the repairs. Fun times!
  10. Read: Democracy dies behind paywalls — which is why I use a “paywall-circumvention-service” to share this article, and many others, with you!

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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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