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  1. Read: Students and academics are too ignorant of reality to lecture anyone on morality.
  2. Watch: The lies that sell fast fashion
  3. Watch: A good explanation of how “more lanes” only invites more sprawl… and the same traffic jams.
  4. Read: “Clean-energy investment in America is off the charts…” but it won’t matter if utilities block grid-transformation.
  5. Read what the US needs to do to get its nuclear energy industry back in shape.
  6. Watch: Cities need to lower (car) speed limits if they want to stop car murders “accidental deaths”
  7. El Niño update: Summer will scorch; La Niña means stronger Fall hurricanes.
  8. Listen: John Stuart Mill & Harriet Taylor Mill – Liberalism’s original power couple.
  9. Watch: Saudi Arabia promotes oil demand… at the same time as “promising” to meet climate goals. (I’m shocked, shocked!)
  10. The American Dream™ these days means lobbying government to pay you other people’s money. Trump and his cronies will do this even more bigly than before…


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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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