Interesting stuff

  1. Listen to this podcast if you think that maybe (just maybe!) whales might have a point in seeking revenge against humans.
  2. I’m impressed by this use of AI to help a Japanese mayor speak fluent English. It’s nice to understand more about local politics.
  3. Listen to this critique of America’s crony capitalism, and the need (I agree!) for more worker (counter-veiling) power.
  4. Well shit. US Supreme Court justices are picking the “facts” they want to support their political beliefs? What could go wrong?
  5. Listen to this clear explanation of how the US constitution is supposed to work (e.g., the Electoral College is a feature, not a bug).
  6. Read an update on trying to slow glaciers from sliding into the oceans, which was a big plot point in the 2020 Clif-Fi Ministry for the Future.
  7. Read this VERY LONG but very interesting article on Aridzona’s water issues… and very complex politics. A real masterpiece of journalism. It’s full of zingers like these:

    At certain moments in the Valley, and this was one, ingenuity took the sound and shape of an elaborate defense against the truth… When Kari Lake ran for governor in 2022, everyone knew her position on transgenderism and no one knew her position on water, because she barely had one. The subject didn’t turn out voters or decide elections; it was too boring and complicated to excite extremists.

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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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