Interesting stuff

  1. Read this update on cyberwar between the US and China, which is “cold” but could easily go “hot.”
  2. Are American teens exporting their angst to other English-speaking teens? Read more.
  3. Read: No amount of adaptation to climate change can fix Miami’s water problems. Related: In the US each year, heat kills more people overall than do tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods combined—and heat deaths have been increasing. Read more about measuring heat (wet bulb, etc.)
  4. Read: Brits are “done” with Brexit but Brexit is not done with them.
  5. Read how “divestment activists” harm the arts without making any progress towards their goals: “This smells like activism aimed less at global warming than the warm glow of moral smugness.”
  6. Canadian pensions made excellent returns on real estate investments, but now they are not. Read more.
  7. Read: (US) Federal workforce-training programs prepare people for dead-end jobs that no one wants.
  8. Listen to Professor Dunbar discuss the “natural scales” of our relationship networks.
  9. David Brooks writes an excellent counter-point to the widely held belief that “only the young innovate.” Turns out that older folks have a few of their own tricks, relying on diversity, curiosity and wisdom.
  10. I agree: LLMs (AIs) now write lots of science. Good.

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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