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I’m David Zetland, a native Californian who moved to Amsterdam several years ago to live a better life. I am a university lecturer of political economy at Leiden University College, a liberal arts school located in The Hague. I teach courses in cooperation in the commons, social and business entrepreneurship, and environmental, growth and development economics. Most of my time is devoted to teaching our talented students, but I also do some research and publish a lot of content for the general public (books, blogs and podcasting). Visit my personal website for more 🙂

6 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Your last column on donnies was right on the money. People like you represent
    what makes the US admirable.

    1. People are talking about a Marshall program to drive our economic issues in Brazil. This came from politicians. I would like to know more about this. Can you help me to go on? Thank you in advance.
      P.S. I loved your ideas I have already read here. I am going on.

      1. @Marilvia — that’s a big question. The original Marshall plan (post WWII US aid to Europe) was about rebuilding markets to help Europe recover, and stay out of the influence of the Soviets. I do not see any country interested in helping Brazil, especially with Bolsinaro as leader (he has insulted the EU; Trump doesn’t care about anyone, even if they act like him).

        So… that’s all I can say for now.

  2. David:

    So, Spencer England (Angy Bear) read your site also. Not surprised by him doing so. I do not know if you knew him. We lost him November 2020. Both Dan and I have posted some of your pieces on Angry Bear Blog. I would like to add your site to our roster of interesting blogs to read. I thought I should ask permission first.

    I am assuming you know who we are. Let me know p;ease.

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