Stuff to read

  1. The future of journalism means substance (and tiring of Trump)
  2. Millennials won’t fill in the census “because we’re busy… maybe send a giftcard?” [can’t make this shit up]
  3. Lisbon’s building suffer as tourists fuel theft of tiles that “belong to nobody”
  4. Gaza is “one year away” from a drinking water disaster caused by Israeli policies.
  5. Berkeley’s soda tax dropped consumption by 50% (combination of awareness and price effects).
  6. The entire economy is Fyre Festival” (trainwreck) because so many people have “mystical” jobs designed to deceive us into seeing value where it’s not. Related: Too many Americans value themselves via their work.
  7. Overestimated air pollution is reducing death “too far” in the US [pdf].
  8. Recovering from phone addiction
  9. Is Italy’s Five Star movement about direct democracy or social manipulation?
  10. A look into China’s [harmful?] Belt and Road water projects

H/T to RN